To be a stock broker or not to be a stock broker is the question

To be a stock broker, or not to be a stock broker , that is the question.

Whether handle the money of wealthy or to be one of them,

Tis is question I ask thyself.

Come with the money they make,

Wave it around like a kingsman on thy throne.

To drive a camaro , to treat a  peasant like a horse tied to its rein.

To not make money , ay there’s the problem.

Make the money and make the wealthy , wealthier.

To treat the stock market like a devils playground.

Make the devil seem as an assistant to corporations thy may not do.

Whom am I to livist in this world?

Drenching every paper like a death sentence to every human.

Knowing the uncertainty,

Ay I have the power of knowledge.

Knowledge make thee better?

Isn’t it how we measure thy self?

Going through a roll coaster of ups and downs.

Like a hurling ball of fire thrown from hell itself.

Thous has little choice to provide.

The market I must go save!

What idea does the photographer develop regarding the desire to escape?




This picture taken by Bubrus called Cell portrays an image of ones’ desire to escape the harsh and wrongful truths of life. This photo is taken through a window conveying the students in a school which is shown as a type of a cage. It makes the students feel trapped in a certain confinement in which what seems to be a school. The individuals in this picture seem to be running and by capturing and keeping this part of this picture in somewhat of a focal point it allows the viewer to assume that they are running from something.  By creating a glare which allows only the window to come in a detailed focus because in the picture it is the only part where details are clearly shown.


Photographer Bubrus shows how it is human nature to escape the harsh and unconditional truths of life by taking this picture in a school. School in society is interpreted  by some students as a place where one is able to express their ideas and create their own way of learning and thinking. However, in today’s school system students have been confined to learn and think in a certain way, even though not every individual thinks the same way. By taking a picture of the students running it symbolizes how it is a human response to escape what an individual deems to be harsh because they don’t admire what they do. In contrast, it is seen as a wrongful truth because when an individual escapes a certain situation or reality they do this because they don’t agree or possess the same point of view or same action as another. Additionally, by taking this picture in a school the photographer displays how a student has a desire to escape from these harsh conditions because this learning is done by fore. Every individual in today’s society is expected to go to school and learn what the teachers teach them ; however, many feel they need escape these wrongful truths because they don’t feel it is something they should be taught. By taking this picture in the aspect the photographer has chosen in a school it allows the viewer to see the students as individuals who are trapped and are trying to escape harsh and illicit truths of life.


“Wealth is a tunnel to jealousy.”

In life we pride ourselves as individuals who are wealthy are the ones who are the most successful.  Unfortunately the individuals who are the wealthiest aren’t the most happiest (in some cases). The amount of zeros in someone’s bank account cannot symbolize who the individual is as a human being. As children we have all seen Mr. Burn’s, the cartoon character who is only in it for the money, but see the effect of his wealth on his perception. However, it causes him to become a figure which many individuals are jealous of. I have grown up in a family who has financially struggled, but fought their way through this struggle through hard work and determination. At one point my parents felt that owning a business would help them in many ways, yet it left them at the same spot that they started with. At first the business was going well everyone was happy my parents gained much wealth from it. Then because they were experiencing so much wealth and prosperity their business partner who had pulled out of the deal was jealous because of how they were experiencing positive gains. Instead of starting his own business he sued my parents and blackmailed them with a false story. Being jealous this situation cost my parents a lot of money because he would not let go of a false statement. This was a shock to me because this was the first time in my parents life I saw my parents saw their hard work pay off. I learned that hard work does pay off no matter what,however; their are those individuals who don’t admire your gains from that hard work. This why we live every day working hard, but live in fear of our hard work being destroyed. We fear that our hard work is going to be destroyed by those who are mad of others gains because they want to be in their spot and be in the spot the successful individual is in. That jealousy comes with the wealth that one gains because success and wealth is what every one wants.

Creative Writing legacy


As a writer I think I have exponentially grown compared to how I wrote at the start of the semester. At the start of the semester I felt as a writer I was like a robot because I remained so one dimensional about certain topics which didn’t allow me to write the way I was capable of writing. However, throughout the semester I have begun thinking about certain ideas from not only a central ideal perspective, but instead have thought in the way I feel inspired. By writing through my inspiration not only have I have enjoyed writing, but have had to stop myself from writing too much. My identity has expanded because I have allowed myself to think about ideas from perspectives that I feel uncomfortable about in the way that I have been able to write in a way that I consider all the perspectives and choose ideas which aren’t very common with me. By doing this my style of writing has become more aligned with real world ideas. My ideas have become more realistic in a way that they are coming together so they go along with my own ideological beliefs.  I feel I have written in much more depth in terms of my philosophical form because all my pieces of writing have went into motifs and themes of life much more in depth. My writing has changed from the simplistic and boring style to a style which shows how my brain works in the way that I think about the world. Additionally by changing the way I write I have changed my voice to a more mature and experienced voice because I have realized and drifted away from the simple ideas to more complex form. As a writer going into 30-1 a piece of advice that is important for future creative writers to know, take as much as possible from this class as you can. Treat this class like you would treat any other class that you would use to apply for university. I have never been able to go into a Language Arts class with confidence because I never felt I was ready but have changed because the amount of practice and revelations I have undergone.


As a blogger I feel that I been better throughout the semester. At the start of the semester I never got a feel of writing which showed up in my blogs because they didn’t have the flow that they should’ve had. Then in the months of October and November I was able to understand the whole point of the blog and the goal wasn’t just to reach the 350 word threshold. By understanding the criteria and my “GUMPS” I felt I was able to enjoy my own writing and my blogs got much better. I feel good about my blogs my marks weren’t great, but I feel the content in my posts were powerful in the sense that at first glimpse someone reading it would disagree with my ideas. However, when the reader would read it the second time I think the true understanding would come out and they would be able to further understand my point of view. When I complete this course I think I will use this site so I can practice my writing for 30-1 because it will allow me to open my mind and I can practice with ideas I feel good about, but at the same time aren’t too sure if they’re concrete enough to write an essay about. I think I would continue to read Jashanjot’s blog just because I want to steal his ideas. Also his ideas were so different it would allow me to open up my though process that is outside the box.



I think my “Aha” moment came in a conversation with Mrs.Hunniset. In this conversation we discussed my weaknesses and strengths, but I felt this conversation was different than any other conversation I’ve had because I learned about myself instead of learning the certain format or way to do it. I was able learn about myself in the way that I found out the way I can write to the point I am utterly successful. I learned that I’m not the writer who writes about how a certain author writes, but how an author displays their ideas of human nature also how that applies to real life examples. As a reader I have completed 3 30-1 novels and I am on my 4th novel Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Through reading these novels I have been able to understand different writing styles of certain authors. Which has allowed me to input into my own writing and has had positive effects on my writing like the word choice I have and voice I use. I learned this allows me to write more in less time because the amount of ideas I have are able too many for me to type that quickly. My plan is to read even more through 30- 1 and as my fifth novel to read Night by Elie Wiesel. As a writer I feel my personal responses have come to the point that I have gotten to a 30-1 level which allows me to going into 30-1 to practice and work on my critical essay writing because through the semester I have been able to make a concrete personal voice and want to work on my critical thinking and writing. I think my next piece of writing is going to be a critical essay because I want to get a grasp of my weaknesses before mid-February.



        Hard Work

The title is titled Hard Work because it’s such a simple idea, but so many of us struggle to understand what true hard work is. We struggle to think about hard work in the way that we need to output our 100% effort, and put it all on the line. My purpose of this piece is to show my opinion of hard work and what I feel it is so important about it.  I feel that my inspiration of this piece came from a loss in a game we had couple days before and biggest difference between our team and the other team is that they worked harder. It made me grow a different perspective so I was able to write about hard work in my own experience. I wanted to show the audience that hard work doesn’t come easy and it’s one of the most difficult aspects to understand in today’s world. At the start of my piece I started with a poem and I made that choice because it got the reader of thinking of my explanation. For example in lines 12 and 13 it says “As human we forget. Champions lives are made from bricks of work.” This style allowed me to talk more openly and allow more ideas to go through my head. So this style allowed me to be a better writer in this instance.  I felt the best part of my piece was the poem at the start because it conveyed my voice so well.

What is the struggle for humanity to restore peace?

In this title I am trying to get the reader to think about what I will be discussing in my writing and my possible ideas in it. The significance of the title is it is related to current events because the events that are taking place in the Middle East and the struggle to restore peace.  It’s about the struggle of humanity to ignore hatred and greed so they it can benefit all because piece can be restored. My purpose of this piece is to address the issue of peace and how we all want it, but want to put so little effort into accomplishing it. The style I wrote it in was a philosophical style because these were my own thoughts also they were ideas that were common to peace.  At first I experimented with writing it in poem format, but struggled with the way I wrote so I wrote it in a philosophical piece which helped me to understand more and voice more of my ideas.


6 word story

There is nothing special about the title because it was just related to what my post is about. This post may only be six words, but can be related to anyone in a number of different ways. The point of this post was to portray how failure can turn an individual into one of the most powerful people. Like our picture of Steve Jobs who has dropped out high school and way portrayed as a failure, but ended up being one the most software inventors of the century. I wanted to write this because it was the start of the year and felt like I needed to address failure because I knew that it was going to happen during the semester and I wanted to know that it was acceptable and was more of a building block than a roadblock.


Why do we care so much about money because we think it brings true happiness?

The point of title is to portray the misconceived idea of how the more money an individual has the happier they will be.  It is put in a question form because I want the writer to start having their own ideas on the topic. The theme of it is reality of money and how it causes a negative effect on happiness. I created this because I felt that money was a big part in someone else’s life I knew and how they acted when they had the amount of money he had and how they acted he would feel happiness, but felt the exact opposite.  I wrote it in from my personal experience and put it in a form that would portray my idea which lead me to making this into somewhat of a philosophical piece.



        Another writing seminar that I really enjoyed was the presentation by Darsh and Jashanjot who did their writing seminar about George R.R. Martin. Through the presentation I had heard many great things about the author going into the presentation. Surprisingly I didn’t know he was the creator of the Game of Thrones series which was being highly discussed about. I learned many things about him that I didn’t know about him, but I found out he is as a writer. Which was interesting because I could draw many comparisons to J R  Tolkien and the way they both wrote.









What is the struggle for humanity to restore peace?

Humanity has developed from hundreds to about seven billion people in our society. Over time we have evolved into religions, societies, and countries. Over this period we have encountered wars, genocides, and pandemics. Two of these causes of deterioration to humans have come at the hands of humanities inability to agree with another and accept their consequences. World War two was a prime example of humanities ability to cause destruction to others not only were their 60 million deaths, but these deaths were the result of a group of people to accept their consequences. One might argue that it was the contribution of many factors, but I believe that there was one factor that contributed to the whole mess which was the inefficiency and the stubbornness of humans to accept their wrong actions and accept the peace that was being offered. Ever since then no peace has been restored to society because of economic problems, civil wars and political wrong doing.  So what can be done to stop some of these factors so we can get the peace the world so badly needs? Unfortunately there is no one answer, but there is a starting point everyone can start from. We first must learn to accept everyone for who they are and how they act. In today’s societies we attempt to fix anything that we feel isn’t right or doesn’t follow our morals. Reality is there are seven billion people in the world and pleasing every single person would take as long as making Steven Hawking believe in god (used only for comparison not against anyone for their beliefs). If we attempt and accept everyone for who they are many would still be stubborn and not pleased with the decisions of others which is in everyone’s blood to disagree this is why many are allowed to speak what they feel; however, if we can accept and allow individuals to do what they do their comes a time in which we can accept everyone else’s point of view without any exceptions. It would be difficult, but this would be humanities first step towards peace because if everyone’s content with how they live is there any real problem? An answer that no scientific equation or great thinker can answer, but can only be answered by those who support each other’s cause without the any disruption. If this first step is taken the world would not be in the form it is now, but would be a whole new place no one can ever imagine.–WYVKrCA4_9yQT67IKwAw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

Spoken Word

The funny thing we call life and others call failure.

It’s like a wall,

With no chance to fall.

So we think,

We’re invincible to sink.

Yet we run,

Like L.A. teacher stating their pun.

From the miseries and hardships of life,

we act like their is no strife.

Reality turns in brutality,

and their goes gravity.

We’re swept from our feet,

without a chance to meet.

To see what we have become,

From the small pieces of crumbs.

Success is all we want,

It’s all we have been shown to flaunt.

We don’t live on the low road,

but we live in the high mode.

Opportunities are as easy as,

missing a test.

No one considers hard work,

but looks at the one piece of paper.

We’re determined to reach our goals,

but are denied like a witches mole.

We want a clear path,

but have to do all the math.

That’s life.

That’s our world.


J.R.R Tolkien’s inspiration to me

After reading and presenting about J.R.R Tolkien as a writer I felt he taught me more than ever about how to write. Tolkien was a man of simple words which I admired because as not only humans, but as society we have been led to believe that a good writing piece included man long and difficult words. While Tolkien one of the best writers of the 19th century wrote his books so everyone could read them. This inspired me to write in a more simplistic format because ones writing should be able to be understood instead of misinterpreted or confusing. Many individuals believe Shakespeare was an amazing writer; however, Tolkien believed the opposite he hated to read Shakespeare because his way of writing was so difficult to comprehend and was a style of writing that needed to be studied. Which led me to learn that great writers are not made from their ability to write on a certain level of difficulty, but are made from those who can write simply and are able to reach to any audience of any age. I also learned that when writing the best thing one can do is use imagery to their advantage. One can use imagery to their advantage because it allows the reader to not only imagine what is taking place, but allows a reader to understand the plot and theme on a different level because they can actually see what is taking place in their own mini-movie. Another aspect of writing I learned from Tolkien was anyone can write, but only so many can write to the extent that their writing is enjoyable to themselves. This taught me that when I proof read a piece of writing do I enjoy it? Do I enjoy what I wrote for the reader to read? Am I content to the point I want to read my piece of writing over and over again? This resonated with me because if I can’t enjoy my own writing how should others?  By learning about Tolkien and studying him into a deeper extent I have been inspired to write more simply and with more love for what I write.


Hard work




Don’t go home.

Quit when it’s done.

Suffer later, work hard now.

Now is the time to improve.

And the time to be perfect.

Live like a low life.

The best underdog story.

Rest when everyone’s quiet.

Of all people you should be your own critic.

Your own destiny is always in your hand.

Life is never full of success.

As humans we forget.

Champion’s lives are made from bricks of work.

I picked the second part of Muhammad Ali’s quote for the start of each line. I wrote in the way so my poem is able to explain what hard work is while creating somewhat of a flow so it is in the point of view of an individual who works hard. This quote helped me create this poem because it helped me write from what Muhammad Ali’s mind set of hard work is. Even though my poem does not have a rhyming scheme to it, it is intentionally written like this because each line is a statement. A statement of what my thoughts are towards hard work. Also the line that I feel represents me is line four “Now is the time to improve” because as a grade 12 student I always feel like when I’m studying or even playing basketball that preparation is the time mistakes are going to take place so I want to improve as much as possible. So during a summative assessment or during a game it feels like second nature also that being nervous doesn’t take over my sense of judgment. This poem allowed me to open up about my thoughts of what I feel champions are made of. Also to put some of the assumptions I had about hard work into perspective because as an adolescence I always perceived that hard work was really easy and getting to a certain goal was easy just by going through the process. I was wrong. Hard work is putting in the work other individuals may not want to and putting in so much work that being denied success is almost near to impossible. This is what I thought about when writing this poem also my perspective on what hard work is.


Is there any relationship between money and happiness?

As a society we have evolved around money and made it the most important object on the planet. We use it to buy things we need and want the only object on earth no one has an objection to accepting. So if we have no problem accepting it why do we still care so much? Is it because the richest are the best and most joyful? Or the more money you have the more you will be happy with your life? Unfortunately there is no one answer, but there is an idea. This idea is based on basic human observation and first-hand experience, yet is not applicable to all seven billion people on this earth. I believe humans are so attached to money because without it you cannot survive and cannot gain access to the basic human needs, but with a great amount of it you have more access to more than just the basics. Over time a notion has been created that the more money one has the more chance an individual has of attaining true happiness.  This is what has led to humans caring so much about the money they have, because they want to be happy. However, the attachment to money is not the path to happiness, but is the truth to true stress. On the contrary one must have enough money to get the basic needs of life and be able to survive in the modern world, so they can be happy and not have to worry about being able to pay the bills or buy food for their family. The best example of individuals who care a lot about money are teenagers.

As a teenager I grew up in a family that had to adjust to the life of Canada and be able to pay for most of the things we did. So as I grew up my parents always told me to “save money” and make sure I have enough to do what I needed to do. Ignoring my parent’s advice I didn’t learn the importance of money and how useful it was in the real world. I grew up to understand the difficulty of saving; however, the biggest lesson I learned was that money may be important but it can only bring one so much happiness to a certain point. That true happiness wasn’t from how much I have in my bank account, but how much I used that money for good and how much I used it to assist others.

In conclusion money is important because it can help get us the things we need and be able to buy our day to day needs. However, the importance of money should not cloud ones judgment of what true happiness is.

What does the river mean to me?

The river is not only a body of water which gives us a necessity of life, but much more. Many think that water has no meaning it’s just something god has created in order to help humans survive. I disagree. Water is taken for granted in society not only by people who can access it easily, but for people who take the opportunity to sell it for a profit. This is not the use water was intended for selling for personal and economic gains, but it was meant to give inspiration. When I look at water I see it as an opportunity to discover who we actually are. When we look down at water what do we see? We see a reflection of ourselves. Its mother nature’s natural mirror to the world around us, it helps us see who we actually are because when we look at ourselves we discover not what is on the outside, but on the inside. We question ourselves when we see our reflection how we look? But look at the person in the reflection and ask how we act?  We see this because when one is by the river it brings peace within, we are able to ignore the noise around us and focus on our true selves. By going to the river we allow ourselves to get away from any notions society has created and think who we are. What have we done to make a difference? What have we done to make ourselves better? For example, water helps in creation making things such as sculptures and art, but it’s also used for destruction. In a way it is exactly like humans because we can do so many good things that help society prosper, but sadly we can destroy that prosperity easily and quickly.

I have always seen water as the closest object to humans it does many things humans do. For example, we can help someone or something in need. So can water it can help an animal or organism survive and give it energy through hydration. It can always cause destruction as well through tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, so can humans we cause the most destruction through riots, war, genocides. The only difference is water can’t talk like we can. It can move, make sounds, and nurture life, just like us.

This is why I see water just like us it can do so many things just like humans, yet we ignore the fact it is the closest thing to humans even though scientifically it is incorrect. So next time you take a sip of water or go for a swim think about it not just being water. The meaning behind it is much greater.